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Without wireless processing, your business misses out on the ability to uncover sales anywhere and everywhere.

Wireless Processing

Wireless credit card solutions enable businesses the versatility to accept payment cards wherever they do business. If your business ventures outside the typical brick and mortar model, like for instance, you visit a customer’s home or do open air markets, it’s no problem. In fact, if your business ventures anywhere that connectivity might be an issue, wireless is the no-brainer, convenient easy fix. Wireless processing also includes online payment capability which is vital to any modern business.

Wireless Terminals

Wireless Terminals

These terminals operate exactly like in-store terminals, however, they don’t require a phone line or direct hookup. So compact they can easily be popped in your pocket.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminal capability means your business has an online portal enabling customers to make payments by entering information into an online form.

Virtual Hardware

Think of this payment form as a blend of the virtual terminal with a typical in-store one. This is a device that can be connected to any computer and paired with the online payment form to conduct customer transactions.

What are the advantages of wireless processing?

The obvious benefit to wireless processing is that you’re empowered by the technology to go where the sales are. This sometimes means leaving the comfort of your physical store. Wireless processing gives you the flexibility to be proactive in this fashion. Plus, your reaching out to a type of customer your store doesn’t normally encounter.

Also, by offering a virtual mechanism for customer payment, you’re maximizing their convenience and enabling transactions in today’s preferred format.

The wireless terminals, on the other hand, are light and compact and don’t require phone lines so you save money on that expense. Furthermore, wireless isn’t code for less security. Absolutely no credit card information is stored on the device which will reassure customers.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant provides you with all the tools needed for efficient wireless payment processing. This includes outfitting your business with an online payment platform so customer’s can shop wherever and whenever.  After all, doing business nowadays can involve so much more than traditional in-store transactions. Don’t miss out on new revenue opportunities and new customers!

Contact us and Bank of Merchant will hook you up with top-notch payment processing!

Bank of Merchant’s wireless technology introduces you to a whole new audience!