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It’s easier than ever to find smooth payment solutions, even for high-risk tobacco-selling businesses!


Tobacco remains a booming business, ever since its introduction into American civilization centuries ago. Today there’s still a high market for this product. Especially with the popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes. Even better, there’s all kinds of ways to sell it! From corner stores and grocery chains to online sites, tobacco has a market everywhere. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to open a merchant account, since tobacco sellers are thought to be operating high-risk businesses. In particular, the online version of tobacco stores is regarded skeptically.

Still, your customers will be wanting a convenient and hassle-free way for you to process their payments. They’re looking for convenient, usually on-the-go payment options – and you’ve got to make sure your business is set up for success and ready to deliver.

Work with Bank of Merchant

The only obstacle that might be standing in the way of a business that sells such an easily marketable product is its unfortunate high-risk label. This is due to a few reasons, mostly because of how regulated tobacco sales are, as well as how often fraud and chargebacks can occur with online purchases. Fortunately, Bank of Merchant can still provide your business with valuable merchant services and credit card payment processing systems, regardless of a high-risk label.

Here at Bank of Merchant, we’re aware of the setbacks a tobacco seller can face. That’s why we’re wiling to work with merchants in order to clear these hurdles and encourage expansion of the business. Bank of Merchant offers many helpful services for tobacco merchants, such as:

  • Chargeback prevention
  • Card-not-present transactions
  • Fraud protection
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • On-the-go payments

When you partner with Bank of Merchant, you’re choosing to work with the best. Contact us today!

A better payment-processing system is within your grasp.