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Stock up! Fresh payment solutions tailored to fit your supermarket’s unique credit card processing demands.


Supermarkets are teeming, heavily trafficked stores, with people in a hurry to run their next errand or to simply get home with their latest food haul. Truly, the volume of people coming through on a daily basis is staggering. But with grocers, this is only a small part of the challenge. There’s also rapidly changing prices and the struggle to stay on top of inventory.

Grocery store customers are a demanding bunch. They fill their carts up until they’re literally overflowing, however, they expect to be whisked out of the store in record time… on every visit. This means they expect efficiency and an advanced POS system that enables multiple ways to pay when they enter the checkout line.

Work with Bank of Merchant

A modern POS system paired with advanced terminals will do wonders for any high volume grocery store, big or small. With a cutting edge POS system your store will be able to keep up with never-ending change in prices. Not only that, but it will easily manage the store sales, accept and easily calculate customer loyalty cards, and keep a strict count of rapidly changing inventory. Plus, state-of-the-art POS systems offer a touch screen interface that enables you to look up codes for produce and bulk items.

Bank of Merchant offers a comprehensive, game-changing POS payment processing system that integrates all parts of a grocery store’s complex operation. On the front end, it offers user-friendly payment terminals that accommodate the variety of desired payment types including card readers and keypads so customers can pay with credit or debit. On the back end, it’s updating the multitude of daily price changes, tracking inventory, and providing on-demand reporting on customer history, product trends, etcetera… Furthermore, we understand that grocery stores are where people most utilize the digital wallet so we ensure you’re equipped to handle this technology. Basically, we arm you with all the tools you need to run an efficient, first-rate grocery store.

Bank of Merchant also provides:

  • Integrated scales to sell products by weight
  • Custom reporting and accounting features
  • Barcode reading
  • Loyalty card scanning
  • Expert technical support

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