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Store customer information safely and securely.

Data Security

Protect Your Customers. Protect Your Business.

Bank of Merchant offers the best technology in payment processing when it comes to security and safety. We offer the best encryption and tokenization tools to convert sensitive credit card information into undecodable symbols. This allows you to safely store credit card data used in transactions with your customers. We can work with your business no matter what type of industry you’re in, which terminal you use, or the payment processing system you rely on.

Data Security Encryption


Data encryption is a method of securing customer data. It involves encoding information which can only be accessed by a certain encryption key.

Data Security Tokenization


Another common way to secure customer data is through tokenization. This involves substituting data with unique identification symbols. These “tokens” can allow for safe payment processing.

Added Merchant Security

With highly functioning payment encryption and tokenization, you’ll have increased security for your company’s credit card data. The moment a transaction is made and submitted for processing, this credit card data is encrypted. The information becomes unreadable to outsiders, so the data can be stored securely. Then, it is transformed into tokens and stored in a vault to help prevent hackers from accessing it.

Lowered Chance of Losses

Bank of Merchant sets you up with the latest technology to manage sensitive information, like credit card data. With this top-quality payment encryption and tokenization applied to each customer transaction, it lowers your risk of encountering fraud, data breaching, or other security concerns. This protects your business from potential large losses.

Stay PCI Compliant

By using this encryption and tokenization technology offered with Bank of Merchant, every customer transaction lowers your scope in terms of PCI Compliance. Every merchant accepting credit or debit card payments for their business must be PCI Compliant. Having the more secure technology for encryption and tokenization will not only help you remain compliant, but avoid any other losses incurred from data breaches as well.

Contact us at Bank of Merchant to create the best plan for securing credit card data with your company!

Secure a brighter future for your company with Bank of Merchant.