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Processing credit and debit payments is the epitome of efficiency. But it doesn’t happen without a payment gateway.

Processing Gateway

While the actual transaction occurs via one of the terminal types, the payment gateway is a form of software solution that facilitates the process. This aspect of the process is hosted by your payment processor.

Bank of Merchant provides access to multiple payment gateways, including Authorize.net. Authorize.net is one of the longest-tenured and recognizable payment gateways operating on the internet.

All the gateways Bank of Merchant provides allow credit cards, contactless payments, and e-checks. They supply advanced fraud protection, enable your business to arrange recurring customer payments, and streamline the checkout process.



Between the user’s browser and the server of the retailer, a payment gateway encrypts data for exclusive use between seller and buyer.



The authorization request occurs when a processor gets the okay from a credit card company or financial institution to continue with the transaction.


When the payment gateway gets authorization and allows the website and interface to proceed.

What are the advantages of the processing gateway?

The simplest and most obvious advantage of the processing gateway is that it enables your business to complete credit or debit card transactions. Without this application your transaction won’t go through. The gateway, which comes courtesy of your processor, paves the way for the sales to flow!

When the sales do come, the gateway also guarantees that you receive them stress-free. The ultra-secure environment provided by our gateways, with measures in place like PCI compliance, encryption & tokenization, ensure everybody’s info is safe. All sensitive data, like credit card numbers, moves safely from the customer to the merchant and also from the merchant to the processor.

The gateway also gives merchants the ability to process multiple transaction types including electronic check (ACH, credit card and debit card) in real time or batch mode.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant entered the processing space because it recognized a need for expert payment processing that really spoke to merchant needs: efficiency, safety, and affordable rates. And we’ve nailed it!

Our processing systems, including access to the payment gateway application, enable your business to be fully optimized for payment acceptance. On top of that, the systems are airtight. We make it a priority to protect the sensitive data of you and your customers. Finally, our reasonable rates blow the doors off our competitors.

Contact us today and we’ll get you access to a payment gateway!

Using Bank of Merchant gateways on your path to future success!