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The key to your business’s success is in the quality of your POS system.

Point of Sale (POS)

What is a POS?

Point of sale, or point of purchase, comprises the hardware and software systems designed to initiate and complete transactions. This is when payments are accepted from customers during the checkout process.


A typical point of sale system includes hardware such as a cash register and a credit card reader.


Point of sale software often includes features such as inventory management and sales reporting and analytics.

A standard POS consists of a:

  • computer to run the software program
  • receipt printer
  • credit card reader
  • barcode scanner

Depending on your business, we can provide what you need to process your operations smoothly.

A Few of the Advantages of POS Systems:

More and more business owners are understanding how the right POS system can streamline their operations effectively.

Efficient Inventory Management: POS Systems allow for automatic inventory management. This means that every time a customer makes a purchase, the system automatically updates your inventory count. This makes ordering and reordering easier than ever!

Analyzing & Monitoring Tools: With a POS System, your business receives detailed reports so you can monitor data and transactions.

Staff Management Made Easy: Many POS Systems allow your employees to clock in and out on them. This means you won’t have to buy a separate time clock for them to use. In addition, you can also use the system to run reports on your employees’ performances, which can help with your staffing and training!

Market Effectively to Customers: With every transaction, POS Systems make it simple to store customer’s email addresses. This means you can easily add them to subscriber lists for marketing emails. This can help you to better market your business!

The Right POS System and Payment Processor

Bank of Merchant works with a number of companies in order to get you the best payment processing system for your business. We also strive to make payment processing easy, simple, and accessible. We set you up with a POS System and the hardware that works best for your specific business’s needs. Then, we’ll help you understand how to manage your account and provide an array of tools and services for your company.

Simply contact us at Bank of Merchant today to discuss the best POS System for your business!

Your business is only as good as your POS system.