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A smart, convenient credit card processor who designs payment solutions to help your company excell!

Welcome to Bank of Merchant

Your painless, powerful payment processor.

Bank of Merchant formed because we recognized a void in the current payment processing industry. Too many existing companies in the space were hyping their services but offering inflated processing fees and asking for excessive payments. Not only that, but their systems are largely generic and offer the same blanket approach for every business.

Seeing how ineffective, costly, and broadly designed most payment processing systems were, Bank of Merchant sensed an opportunity to change the game. We imagined a world where payment processing systems were built to uniquely serve each type of business. It made sense to optimize this aspect of the business. After all, easily accepting payments and moving them through your system is pretty darn critical.

In addition to tailor-made payment processing, we wanted to equip companies with the tools to handle the multitude of payment types people use nowadays. To us, empowering businesses to please their customers is a no-brainer. It’s also a sure-fire way to guarantee your business is doing all it can to thrive.

We’re proud to say here at Bank of Merchant that we realized our dream of mastering payment processing. Our expert services customize your payment processing infrastructure so it works beautifully for your business. We also team with the best in the industry to ensure your system grows and adapts to changing demands. Best of all, we make payment processing simpler for both you and your customer. This means offering them the entire suite of payment options and giving you rates 50 percent lower than the industry standard.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to supply cutting edge payment solutions with state-of-the-art hardware at superior rates. At Bank of Merchant we achieve this by implementing a three-faceted attack plan.

In Store

In store

We offer secure, user-friendly credit and debit card processing technology. Our array of terminal types will enable Smart/Chip cards (EMV), Mobile Wallets (Apple Pay, Android pay) and credit and debit cards.



All businesses in today’s environment must supply an online portal for customers to buy goods and services. We offer easy-to-use, intuitive software that simplifies online payments and encourages use.



Traditional mail order, telephone order purchases. Even in the era of the internet, some prefer the safety of this method. Your business can easily process these orders with virtual terminals and it’s wise to have this option in your arsenal.

Discover how easy payment processing can be with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant is here to re-shape the payment processing industry. We’re raising expectations. With us you can expect a payment processing system that’s designed exclusively to suit your business. We want it to maximize your profitability while also helping you grow your customer base.  Simply put, Bank of Merchant’s mission is your success!

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Bank of Merchant the perfect payment processing partner!