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Online Payments

Business is more competitive than ever. That’s why providing an online payment option is a great way to reel in new customers. After all, consumers expect this kind of convenience anymore.

Online Payments

Offering online payment solutions to customers is a great way to expand your business and encourage accessibility while growing your customer base.

Increased flexibility for you and your customers

When you set up your business to receive online payments, you’ll be better equipped to expand your operations to a whole new segment of shoppers. Also, customers will be happy to know they can make payments pressure-free, through a virtual terminal without having to be present. Furthermore, online payments are convenient and eliminate the hassle aspect of the shopping experience. And for the merchant, you’re dramatically expanding your store hours, enabling sales at any time from anywhere.

An affordable option

What is one more wonderful benefit of using a virtual terminal to make online payments? Doing so eliminates the need to spend lots of money on expensive hardware such as credit card terminals or point-of-sale software. So, not only are you paring down cost, but you’re simultaneously introducing your business to new potential customers. That’s a win!

Work with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant is happy to set you up with the right virtual terminal so that your business can benefit from online transactions as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on sales from anywhere and everywhere. Open your door to the online community and watch your business soar!

Contact us today to get started on the process of utilizing online payments!