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Time for your non-profit to score! Selecting a quality payment processing partner can gain you donations and lead your cause down the path to success.


Non-profits are unique from conventional, profit-earning businesses. We understand this. However, for as different as non-profits may be in some respects, they are powered by some of the same fundamental systems as regular businesses. Like for-profit operations, they need to be equipped with a POS system that accepts payments, can track donations, and target its most loyal and generous supporters.

Non-profit customers, like any other consumer, want to pay, (or in this case) donate, by their preferred method. Consequently, it’s essential they are supplied with the full array of options. And in this day and age, like all other businesses, people definitely want access to pay online. In fact, most millennials, soon to be the largest demographic going, prefer to donate online. This means in order for your non-profit to thrive you must accept payments how and where you donators feel comfortable giving them.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Quality payment processing systems tailored to fit your non-profit will ensure that your cause will function at a high level. An efficient and streamlined approach will go a long way toward keeping your supporters donating while also inviting new people to join your mission. This is critical because with the advent of crowd-sourcing new non-profits are springing up everywhere. To compete in this environment you must maintain a lean, effective, and thoroughly modern POS system. Moreover, it’s wise to partner with a payment processor that helps support aggressive marketing efforts so your cause stays in the hearts and minds of philanthropists and donators.

Bank of Merchant’s customized payment solutions will streamline your current system so that you stay on the cutting edge and are ready to compete with a host of new charities. We’ll equip you with a specialized card not present payment system if the style and donation amount of your donors calls for it. We’ll also work with you to understand your marketing strategy and growth plan as this will be crucial in standing out from the ever-growing numbers of non-profits. This means incorporating specialized reporting as part of your POS system so that you can better reach out to your core supporters and expand to new groups.

Bank of Merchant also offers:

  • Integrated payments
  • On-demand, detailed reporting capability (to feed marketing efforts)
  • Secure protection from all-in-one solution
  • Detailed reporting to track donations and pinpoint best supporters
  • Rapid funding to deposit account of choice.

Contact us today and we’ll get your payment processing up and running!

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