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In today’s hurry up and go environment, customers expect to be able to pay for goods and services from anywhere.

Mobile Processing

Mobile payment processing is simple and straightforward. The technology makes it easy for a business to accept payments on the go. In the busy, hustle 24/7, accelerated world we find ourselves in, mobile payment processing enables businesses and the people they serve to keep their momentum going. Mobile payments allow customers to pay efficiently so they can keep moving. For the business owner, the technology keeps lines moving which is a victory for all involved.



Mobile wallets enable customers to pay by merely tapping their phone. This reduces merchant costs for fraud and helps in-store lines move briskly.

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile Card Reader

Accept in-person payments at your store. EMV chip card technology makes accepting credit and debit cards safer and easier than ever.

Payment Apps


Mobile payment Apps are both secure, which is a score for any business, and they accelerate in-store lines which is a win for everyone. Happy shoppers equal return business.

What are the advantages of mobile payments?

The advantages of mobile payments are self-evident. First, it makes the payment process simple and free of complication. No pulling out cards and typing in information or writing checks. It doesn’t get any easier than tapping a machine. This also frees up the transaction process to be more personal, and less, well, transactional. This is good for business.

Secondly, mobile payments are cost-savers. There’s less paper and ink to be purchased and you might not need to invest in POS equipment.

Mobile payments can also improve cash flow as most payment processors distribute funds to business accounts in less than three days.

Finally, mobile payment technology also allows businesses to obtain actionable data about their customers. This information can lead to better ways to appealing to your customer base.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant understands the future for businesses is trending away from traditional POS systems. Businesses absolutely need to adapt the times. We offer payment processing solutions that take into account every aspect of your business. We cater directly to your needs and where you want to go in the future.

With our state-of-the-art terminals and software solutions, Bank of Merchant will equip your business with the tools it needs to succeed in an ever-increasing tech-driven environment. This means providing your customers with the means to pay in every mobile way possible. After all, they want a lack of complication and overall efficient transactions. You’re here to deliver and with us, you definitely can!

Contact us at Bank of Merchant for all your mobile processing needs!

Bank of Merchant makes mobile payments a breeze so your business stays on the move!