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If your business isn’t yet accepting credit cards then you’re missing out on valuable customers.

Merchant Account

Accepting debit and credit cards at your business is vital. In fact, you could even say it’s the bare minimum nowadays. Since most Americans have a debit or credit card, and many prefer to pay this way, accepting them will expose your business to a wider range of customers. And that’s the goal, more customers and potentially more revenue. Still, there’s one catch to accepting credit cards – you first must secure a merchant account.

New Merchant Account

This is for businesses looking to make the leap into credit and debit card acceptance. Perhaps, you’re a new business or simply one that hasn’t taken this form of payment before. We got you! A merchant account will take your business to the next level.

Existing Merchant Account

We provide merchant account services for businesses who are unsatisfied with their current provider. Whether it’s inflated fees or the lack of personalized attention, don’t keep your payment processing in a rut. We offer unmatched rates, intuitive technology and expert support!

So, what is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of business bank account that enables your business to accept different types of payment, usually debit and credit card payments.

What are the advantages of a merchant account?

The most obvious advantage is you can now accept credit cards. The goods and services buying public more and more prefers this payment method. That means you’re meeting those customers on their level and not alienating a segment of consumers that could put money in your pocket.

With a merchant account comes online payment acceptance as well as the ability to accept offline transactions. And with this comes excellent tools that not only enable credit card payment acceptance but they also help to streamline all your business transactions. In short, a merchant account will streamline and organize all your accounting procedures.

Finally, a merchant account produces happy customers. And this is exactly what you’re aiming for. Happy customers equal happy memories of your store which likely means return visits. After all, customers like having the flexibility of being able to pay in a variety of ways. Providing this option is a win for everyone.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Bank of Merchant is here to change the game. We’re disrupting the payment processing industry by offering customized payment systems for your one-of-a-kind business. We know payment processing isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. We take the time to design advanced systems that pinpoint the exact needs of your business. We offer an array of software and terminal types that target the type of customer you want and the kinds you’re currently lacking.

Contact Bank of Merchant today and we’ll get you started on your payment processing!

With a merchant account from Bank of Merchant, your business is on its way!