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Delivering simple credit card payment processing solutions fast is easy when you’ve got the right merchant services provider. Let Bank of Merchant help your business!


The trucking and transportation industry is the unsung hero of our nation. Whether you’re a freight broker, owner of a trucking company, or a truck driver, you’re always facing busy days and hectic schedules. You’ve got to make sure your tasks are being completed at the highest standard, and there’s little room for errors and mistakes in your shipping schedules.

Your clients depend on you to deliver their product in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. It only makes sense then that your logistics business would want a payment processing system that does the same. Fortunately, Bank of Merchant can help!

Work with Bank of Merchant

Any good logistics company will see the value in working with the right merchant services and credit card payment processing company. You understand how helpful it can be to have streamlined and convenient back-end operations when it comes to running your logistics business.

Bank of Merchant wants to help your business grow and succeed. We understand the many needs of the trucking industry, from cataloging inventory to managing shipping schedules. Our advanced account management processes can help in this regard. But that’s not all. We’re happy to provide the following services to logistics industry companies:

Bank of Merchant knows the load the logistics industry carries. We’re here to lighten it with our payment processing services. So contact us today!

Driven, focused results and quality payment processing services are waiting for you at Bank of Merchant.