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Order in the court! Fast, flexible, and cutting edge payment solutions will have you presiding over an efficient, agile, and decidedly modern law firm.


Law firms often have a reputation as being old and stodgy and a little out of step with the times. But any business, no matter if it’s been around for generations, must evolve and stay current.  This includes stately old law firms. To grow business, foster goodwill with current clients, and bring in new ones, law firms must enable their clients to pay for services in all the diverse ways people do now. Plus, advanced payment processing accelerates the overall efficient functioning of any office and makes account management seamless.

People who pay for services, even in places like law firms, assume they can do so in the ways they prefer. Whether virtual, standard debit or credit, or even mobile, these options must be available to today’s client. This will endear you to current clients while opening you up to potential new customers who view freedom of payment as a commonplace amenity. Moreover, law clients expect the option of payment plans as services can often be rendered over a long period. They’ll want this plan to be mediated expertly.

Work with Bank of Merchant

No doubt law firms run a little differently than goods-oriented businesses. Still, adding top-of-line payment processing is essential if you want to represent as first class. Customized payment processing will empower your staff to devote their time and energy to the job-at-hand, not to administrative tasks. Consequently, it makes sense to streamline the payment system while adding a feature or two that personally speak to the law firm environment.

Importantly, expert payment processing will easily manage your trust account so that your Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts is compliant. This process can get tricky as the IOLTA account is where the lump sum amount clients pay when they agree to services is kept. When the lawyer needs to pay himself for various services rendered for that client, he pulls from the IOLTA account and transfers it into the operational account. Bank of Merchant will properly monitor this shifting of money as this procedure has several guidelines that need to be honored to stay compliant.

Plus, Bank of Merchant offers agile payment processing that enables your clients to pay the way they want. Whether that’s in-person, virtually, or with mobile technology, we equip you with this capability. Plus, mobile payments are the wave of the future. Employing this technology will invite new customers and reinforce to current ones why they selected you in the first place.

Other features provided:

  • Integrates easily with popular legal software systems
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Text alerts and emails as appointment reminders
  • Expertly manage trust and operational accounts

Contact us today and we’ll get you started on first-rate payment processing!

Expert payment processing to keep your law firm in perfect order!