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Pick a gem! The right payment processing can elevate your business and introduce your business to new customers.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are truly a unique business with an equally special customer-base. The energy and atmosphere of these establishments is one-of-kind and simply not found in other retail operations. The customers here make dramatic purchases on a whim. Or, some of them meticulously plot out purchases that will represent a huge life change. As an owner you have to be flexible enough to adapt to a clientele with wildly different purchasing strategies. Moreover, you don’t want the payment processing to muddy up a significant life moment. The ease of the transaction should shine as brightly as the jewelry itself.

As mentioned, jewelry purchases are no small affair. They’re almost always expensive and consequently, the customer attaches a lot of significance to the item. Whether it’s a wedding ring, a momentous gift for a life moment like a birthday or graduation, jewelry is much more than just merchandise. As a result, customers desire payment processing that lives up to the ideals of the purchase. This means the processing is top of the line, easy, without flaws, and most importantly, very secure.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Premium credit card processing will sustain the level of excellence that jewelry store customers expect from these boutiques. First-class payment processing that offers the entire array of payment types along with high-level security will reinforce the value and comfort your clients associate with the store. The items they buy here are often rare, this quality must extend to the payment services. Credit card processing of the first order will ensure efficient and cutting edge transactions on the front end and airtight security with premium fraud protection on the back-end.

Bank of Merchant’s processing systems are designed specifically to fit easily into your existing programs. They are meant to complement, enhance, and take your functioning to a higher level. But more than that, our processing should intimately speak to who your business is, what your customers expect, and where you want to go in the future. Consequently, for jewelers we offer extravagant and robust security, simple to use terminals, and the option to pay over the phone, in person, or online.

For larger operations, we provide POS systems that seamlessly integrate and allow inventory tracking and provide detailed payment reporting of customer histories. At the end of the day, Bank of Merchant payment processing gives your customers a special and memorable experience as precious as the items in the store.

Other features we offer:

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