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Time to fill up! Swift, hassle-free, and secure credit card processing will have your gas station fueled up and ready to roll!

Gas Stations

There’s no doubt that owning and running a gas station is an ultra-competitive business. After all, there’s practically one on every corner. To stay ahead of the game you have to speak to your customer’s demand for supreme convenience. Not only that, you’ll require a POS system that’s equally adept at dealing with pay-at-the-pump technology as it is with handling transactions like food purchases, lottery ticket sales, and even check cashing services. After all, you’re not just a gas station, you’re also a mini-mart.

Since your business is essentially all things to your customers, it’s critical your payment systems can handle this multiplicity of roles. Your clientele wants easy to use pay-at-the-pump technology so they don’t have to come inside. However, if they do come inside, they want a variety of items available and an array of terminal types to accommodate their payment preferences. Plus, they need this done swiftly so they can be on their way. Without a doubt, it’s a tall order to check all these boxes.

Work with Bank of Merchant

With state-of-the-art payment processing systems in place you can coordinate and streamline back and front of house operations. This means providing efficient payment services both inside at the counter as well as outside at the pump. You’ll also be able to accept both debit and credit payment which have proven to be equally desirable choices by pay-at-the-pump customers. In short, quality credit card processing systems will increase overall customer convenience and spike your sales.

Bank of Merchant curates payment systems to fit the specific needs of gas stations. Plus, our proprietary POS system will help organize and track in-store inventory. It also offers employee scheduling resources and sales reporting capability. Bank of Merchant provides all of this while also complying with PCI standards and offering safe and secure transactions.

Our systems also offer:

  • Fully integrated payments
  • Comprehensive, on-demand reporting capabilities
  • Ability to review front and back end operations at a glance.
  • Customized gas station functionality

Contact us today and we’ll get you started on a plan!

Bank of Merchant payment processing will have your gas station running like a dream!