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Order up! Fast, easy, and secure credit card payments are ready to bring your restaurant to the next level of productivity.


The food and beverage industry is bustling, hectic, and constantly changing. As a restaurant owner, you’ll find yourself juggling a lot of plates. You need to make sure customers are getting served and wrapping up in a timely manner, while also ensuring your servers are working productively and efficiently. With all these factors to consider, it’s crucial to have reliable back-end support.

It’s important to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand and uncover their needs. Customers will be seeking quick yet efficient service. Maybe they’re hurrying between meetings, or they’re meeting with an old friend to catch up – and they’re counting on you to provide them with exceptional service.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Whether you’re a small, cozy bistro, or a large and fast-paced cosmopolitan restaurant, you need a credit card payment processor that can support and expand your business. With the right payment processing system, you and your staff will be confident and equipped to deal with whatever the day brings.

Bank of Merchant is here to provide you with the payment processing system and other merchant services your business needs to truly thrive. We can set you up with a free merchant account to get you started on the path to a booming successful restaurant. We offer additional services specifically for the food and beverage industry, such as:

At Bank of Merchant, we’re here to help your restaurant thrive. Contact us today!

Easy restaurant payment services are finally on the menu.