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Get a perfect grade! Cost-effective and cutting edge payment processing will have your educational institution graduating with honors.


The education industry is different in a lot of ways than a traditional business. For one, it’s not strictly about profit. When it comes to learning, the institution’s goals are bigger than simply the bottom line. You’ve been tasked with expanding the student’s mind and hopefully empowering them with a skill. Despite the lofty ambitions, at its core though, an educational institution does strive to make a profit. With this in mind, it’s in the best interests of learning facilities to equip themselves with top of the line payment processing systems.

Students in today’s environment, no matter what age, are super advanced in all things technology. Consequently, they expect to be able to avail themselves of modern, cutting-edge payment mechanisms in their centers of learning. Truly, if this is not available, it can be a turn-off and they will gladly seek an education at an institution that better reflects a young, forward looking energy. This means to compete in the education marketplace with tech-literate students you need systems that allow them to pay from the internet and their mobile device…or however. But definitely remove the hassle of in-person and paper transactions. It’s likely this alone will attract more students and produce less unpaid student accounts.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Modern, cutting-edge, and adaptable payment processing can really boost the business and overall profile of your educational institution.  As mentioned, to compete in today’s marketplace, no matter the industry, it’s critical to be a tech-savvy operation. It’s even doubly important for learning centers that deal almost strictly with the younger generation. In essence, by running a state-of-the-art payment processing system you’ll be speaking to students on their level. Doing so will be a real lure to getting them to your school.

Bank of Merchant understands the education industry is just as competitive as any other. As an institution, you need to separate yourself from the pack. With our customized payment processing systems tailored to your unique environment, we can ensure your whole operation will be streamlined. This means a POS system that enables efficient and modern payment systems that fit the way your students want to pay. It’ll also enable on-demand and in-depth reporting on student histories. Basically, Bank of Merchant will rocket your educational institution into the here and now so you can gain new students and speak to the ones you have on their level.

Additional features of Bank of Merchant payment processing:

  • Integrated payments accepted from multiple locations
  • Customized POS systems to existing school software
  • Uniquely designed functionality for the education ecosystem
  • On-demand, in-depth reporting
  • Expert technical support team
  • Rapid funding to preferred deposit account

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