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Smart and efficient payment processing solutions are in your hands at the click of a mouse, thanks to Bank of Merchant!


E-commerce has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Now, all kinds of business owners can benefit from using e-commerce services. Small businesses, freelance artists, independent sellers, and large corporations and chains alike are all able to see their business grow thanks to the utilization of e-commerce. E-commerce allows business owners like you to sell more of your product at a faster rate, with less hassle on your end. Of course, this means you should only be working with a truly efficient credit card payment processing system.

1.92 billion global digital buyers are anticipated to round out 2019. In fact, that number is equivalent to about 25 percent of the world’s entire population getting their shopping done online. Furthermore, experts in economy and finance expect that number is only going to continue to climb. This means now is a fantastic time to start up an online business.

It’s clear to see how e-commerce is really starting to root itself as a major player in world finance. In fact, by 2021 market analysts anticipate e-commerce to make up 13.7 percent of total worldwide retail sales. Essentially, more and more customers are dealing with e-commerce within their consumer habits.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the rise of smartphones relates to the rise of mobile e-commerce as well. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to set up your online business so that it can be accessed by mobile devices as well. A theme that pops on mobile devices will only benefit the growth of your company.

E-Commerce Tools

When you work with Bank of Merchant we’ll provide your business with all the e-commerce tools you’ll need to thrive. This includes a virtual terminal so you can accept credit and debit payments without the need for physical terminals. Moreover, our online payment platform offers shopping cart technology so that purchasing online is even easier and efficient for your customers.

Also, included in our software solutions for e-commerce clients is a payment gateway, which, while like a shopping cart, is different in that it securely allows credit transactions to be made. The shopping cart on the other hand tallies your purchase and essentially serves as the link between shopping and payment.


Work with Bank of Merchant

If you’re ready to add e-commerce into your business model, you’ll need an excellent credit card payment processing system to go with it. Every type of online business can benefit from choosing a payment processing system that’s fast, efficient, and secure. After all, keeping up with the boom in e-commerce should be a priority for your business. So partner with Bank of Merchant, we’ll guide your business to the next level!

You can trust Bank of Merchant to take care of the complicated back-end work, so you can keep your focus on expanding the online presence of your business. With Bank of Merchant’s exceptional merchant services, you’ll be able to jump on the rising boom of e-commerce solutions! We offer helpful services such as:

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