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Ready to collect on some truly helpful merchant services, including a smart credit card payment processing system? Bank of Merchant is here to deliver!

Collection Agencies

Collection agencies are a necessary aspect of our economy. Still, even though they are vital at times, many banks are hesitant to set up merchant accounts with collection agencies. This is because it is considered a high-risk industry. And it’s high risk because there are scams often associated with this business. It is also ruled by strict regulations that fluctuate wildly with the changing political climate. All these factors can cause wariness in financial institutions.

Still, there is a demand by lenders and creditors alike for solid debt collecting agencies. Clients will want a reputable, efficient agency to be able to handle the difficult task of recovering funds that are past due. If you’re going to deliver, you’ll need nothing but the best merchant services and credit card payment processing solutions by your side.

Work with Bank of Merchant

A reputable collection agency deserves a reputable credit card payment processing service. When you have fast and efficient payment solutions on your hands, you’re better able to serve your client’s needs. This is where Bank of Merchant can help.

Here at Bank of Merchant, we want to see your business grow and succeed! When it comes to high-risk businesses such as collection agencies, we’re willing to look beyond the stigma of a particular industry to evaluate the individual company itself. Keep in mind we have a 97% approval rating! We’ll be happy to set up reputable collection agencies with the credit card payment processing system that suits their needs, so they can run their business properly. Bank of Merchant is happy to provide the following services:

Bank of Merchant is willing to look beyond the “high-risk” label to help your business get the growth it deserves. Contact us today!

Collect on a better payment processing system today!