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Chargebacks are a fact of life. And without quality prevention they can hurt business.

Chargeback Prevention

Chargebacks…one of the more frustrating things that merchants must face when accepting debit or credit card transactions from customers. But with Bank of Merchant, it doesn’t have to be. While chargebacks are on the rise, especially with the prevalence of online payment processing, we have the tools to help prevent and fight chargebacks more efficiently!

How We Help

Bank of Merchant fights back against the abundance of chargebacks – especially the fraudulent ones – by employing three reliable and preventative measures.


Fraud Detection Detect


We have the tools to help identify a card which may represent the threat of a fraudulent transaction. This is how we can monitor and take action quickly if needed.


As you make transactions, occasionally, one will be a chargeback. Bank of Merchant can help you retrieve the information on this transaction, quickly and efficiently.


Once you’ve found the transaction, it’s time to start filing your side of the dispute. We will help you organize everything needed to send your response over.

Why Chargebacks Occur

Why do customers fight charges and transactions? Multiple reasons. Customers might fight charges if they:

  • believe they were wrongfully charged,
  • claim they didn’t receive the item they were supposed to, or
  • changed their mind about a purchase

Whatever causes them to occur, these chargebacks can be detrimental for businesses! Excessive chargebacks can endanger your business and be hazardous for your merchant account. That’s why you need the tools to actively dispute and prevent chargebacks.

Work with Bank of Merchant

At Bank of Merchant, we understand how frustrating and difficult certain aspects of payment processing can be – that’s why our team has worked tirelessly to strip down the process and make it as simple as possible.

Worry less about chargebacks by using Bank of Merchant for all of your payment processing needs! Contact us today to start creating a plan that works for you.

Prevent and manage chargebacks with Bank of Merchant at your back.