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Discover a more effective way to manage your cashflow by updating your cash register.

Cash Registry

State-of-the-art cash registers help you operate more efficiently.

If you’re going to accept payments from customers, you’ll need a cash register. However, you need to make sure your cash register is equipped in all the right ways to set your business up for success.


Plenty of customers still prefer the security that comes with paying in cash.

Cash Registry-Personal checks

Personal checks

Customers will appreciate a business that is equipped to handle a range of payment methods, including personal checks.

Cash Registry-Credit Card

Credit card

Card payments are quick, easy, and convenient for most customers. Make sure you’re set up to process payments in a way that suits their needs.

So, what does a cash register provide?

A good cash register terminal will include:

  • a device for registering and calculating transactions
  • cash drawer
  • printer for receipts and other records

Most modern cash registers are attached to credit card terminals. Barcode scanners and checkstands are also common features that are included with cash registers.

Cash Registers combined with POS technology

Cash registers have always been the standard for businesses. But now, as technology evolves, POS systems are being used more frequently and greatly enhance the functionality of registers. Here’s how:

  • Allow in-depth customer reporting
  • Recognize customer reward/benefit programs
  • Automatically updates inventory
  • Print daily reports (for balancing)

Work with Bank of Merchant

Here at Bank of Merchant, we’re always happy to help set up our merchants with the best hardware for their business. Even if you already have a cash register, we can integrate it with the hardware and software that will elevate your business.

Contact Bank of Merchant today and we’ll set you up with expert payment processing!

Having the right cash register is the foundation to a successful business.