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B2B made easy! Safe, versatile, and customized payment solutions will have your B2B taking it up a notch!

Business to Business

With the always fast-paced B2B environment, it’s paramount that your business is organized and efficient in its payment processing. In fact, it’s essential for healthy day-to-day functioning in any high volume B2B business. See, by keeping payments processing fluidly, you’re enticing more customers to work with you and juicing your revenue. After all, payment acceptance doesn’t have to be complex, simplifying it will make the entire operation run smoother. One of the biggest downfalls of B2B operations, which leads to a lot of late payments, is old paper based payment systems that lack visibility into payment details, like the amount and due date.

The typical B2B customer, at the very least, expects efficient payment processing from a high volume operation. They also expect more than slow, paper driven payment systems. But this isn’t all. They also want availability of all the payment types people use nowadays: mobile, virtual, and traditional in-store debit and credit transactions.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Supremely efficient and cutting edge payment processing will ensure your business hums at an optimum level. This means secure payments processed fast and efficiently. Regardless of whether you collect payments with a recurring billing model, an invoice system, or if they’re standard-one offs, there will be no hiccups. Payments will flow with ease from the customer into your appointed accounts so the business is in constant motion.

Bank of Merchant’s expert services will make conducting business simple and explainable to your customers. And for you, it will streamline difficult processes like handling cross-border transactions. In fact, our system will eliminate the drama of this task and make it so you avoid incurring any egregious fees. And as you know, B2B’s interchange fees, which are set by the network (Visa, Mastercard) are lower than other businesses. We monitor these for you to ensure they don’t rise.

Other Benefits:

  • Efficient payments processed from multiple locations
  • Lower fees = higher revenues
  • Expert technical support services
  • In-depth and on-demand customer reporting

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Enhance your B2B’s functioning with A+ payment processing.