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Expanding your business is easy when you have the right merchant services and payment processing system team by your side.

Adult Entertainment and Business

Adult entertainment and industry merchants run a profitable and lucrative business. Still, it’s not hard to see why it could be difficult to find a merchant services partner for your adult business. There are many legal factors to take into consideration, such as potential restrictions to age and content matter. The adult business is often seen as delivering delicate and even controversial products.

Even so, there has always been a high demand for these types of services. Customers of adult entertainment services might be looking for subscription services, one-time transactions, or time-limit base purchases. Above all, customers will value their privacy and security when making transactions. This is where it literally pays to have a great credit card payment processing system at your side.

Work with Bank of Merchant

Many merchant accounts and payment processing services are hesitant to sign up adult industry clients. They may be worried about fraudulent activity, a high rate of chargebacks, and a high amount of risky card-not-present transactions. Still, adult business merchants can find great value in setting up an account with the right payment processor. Thankfully, Bank of Merchant can help adult industry merchants with this.

Bank of Merchant understands the needs of a high-risk business such as the adult entertainment industry. When it comes to helping legitimate adult merchants, we’re willing to work together to find simple and effective payment processing solutions. That’s why we offer such services as:

With Bank of Merchant, previous concerns and stigma won’t get in the way of getting proper payment processing. Contact us today to get started on building a partnership!

Convenient and safe payment processing is here with Bank of Merchant’s merchant services!